Natural Lightness
BioAir Optimum ™ are lenses that provide excellent visual comfort with an ultra-thin design and a coating to protect the eyes from harmful UV radiation.
High Permeability
BioAir Premium ™ are silicone-hydrogel contact lenses with high oxygen permeability and high hydration.

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BioAir Aqua Secret™ COMBO PACK - 360ml + 100ml

Multifunctional lens solution that is used for:

  •         lens cleaning,
  •         removing proteins,
  •         disinfection,
  •         rinsing,
  •         storage,
  •         moisturizing.

Amazing product advantages:

  •         The best c-cap opening and application system
  •         Transparent bottle - facilitating the control of liquid content
  •         Antibacterial NANO container with silver ions in the set


     The solution is made with a „Double Moisture” formula composed of 2 ingredients:

    1. Hypromellose a viscoelastic substance, wh ich dissolved in water has physicochemical properties allowing it to be used in the so called “artificial tear” preparations. The solution adheres well to the cornea and conjunctiva surface, and is characterized by good viscosity, elasticity and adhesion l evel, which ensures long lasting eye hydration.
    2. Glycerin has moisturizing and softening properties. It is also used for its hygroscopic (water binding and fat dissolving) properties. The moisturizing properties of glycerin are even compared to natural hyaluronic acid. It is a component of many eye drops.

    Poloxamer, Edetate Disodium, HPMC, Glycerine, Boric acid, Borax.Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, PHMB 0.00018%
    Type: Multipurpose contact lens solution (including silicone hydrogel lens es)
    Lens case included: Yes
    Available sizes: 100ml+360ml


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