Natural Lightness
BioAir Optimum ™ are lenses that provide excellent visual comfort with an ultra-thin design and a coating to protect the eyes from harmful UV radiation.
High Permeability
BioAir Premium ™ are silicone-hydrogel contact lenses with high oxygen permeability and high hydration.

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BioAir Optimum monthly lenses are high-quality contact lenses that provide excellent visual comfort throughout the day. BioAir Optimum™ are designed using hydrogel technology that maintains moisture and increases oxygen permeability. High water content, as much as 50%, ensures high-quality eye hydration throughout the day.

BioAir Optimum guarantee:

  •     better visual acuity at any distance
  •     clearer and much clearer vision image
  •     excellent comfort
  •     high water content

Lens parameters:
Material: Filcon II 2
Water content: 50%
UVA/UVB filter: Yes
Replacement frequency: monthly
Minus power: from 0.50D to 6.00 every 0,25D and from 6.50D to 8.00D every 0.50D
Curve: 8.60
Diameter: 14.20
Number of units in the box: 3

Contact lenses are available without prescription but are considered a medical product. They should be individually fitted by an ophthalmologist or an optometrist in a professional consultation room.



Where to buy?

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